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best turkish series
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best Turkish series :

Here below we are listing top 5 Turkish dramas ever.In fact We have included, romantic Turkish series, comedy Turkish series and action Turkish series and much more. We also have assured the dramas availability. Furthermore we assure English subtitles availability in addition to all episodes.

best Turkish series # 1: cukur

so I have ranked cukur at number 1 of best Turkish series ranking. A drama with a really amazing and unique story and direction. That Turkey drama has comedy, suspense, emotional touch, family, and super action. The story is about a neighborhood called cukur. cukur has a unique symbol and where everyone lives in alliance under the shadow of idris kocovali, his sons, and companions. Idris kocovali has 6 sons all neighborhood calls him father and can die for him. He helps cukur people and in return, they help him in his affairs. In this Turkish drama lead role are aras bulut as yamac kocovali and ercan kesal as idris kocovali. Both are talented and amazing actors. I really advise you to watch this drama and its all episodes are easily available on YouTube with English subtitles and I am sure that you are going to love it

series # 2 vatanim sensin

best turkish series # 2
series # 2

The story is true of the times of independence war of turkey. series shows how Turks fought against Greeks who then had conquered most of their lands. Halit plays the role of cevdet who was a Turk general sent to the greeks as a spy. Moreover, his family which is azize, his mother’s hasibe, and kids began hating him thinking he betrayed Turks. The drama is nicely directed and acted by Actors. I liked it a lot personally. You can find this drama easily on youtube with English subtitles.

vatinim sensin

So the next drama I have ranked is the vatinim sensin also called wounded love at number 2 in the best Turkish series. This turkish drama as well has won its viewer’s hearts. It has an interesting story, romance, thriller action, betrayal, loyalty, and suspense. Then drama’s lead role cevdet played by the famous actor halit ergeng. He is known throughout the world for his work. His wife berguzar koraye is also in this Turkish series as azize.

top 10turkish series

Series # 3 magnificient century

best turkish drama # 3

so I have ranked 2 dramas at number 3 the best Turkish series. They both are the production of tims group. A really big Turkish production company. The drama is muhtesim yunzil also known as a magnificent century. This drama is featuring the greatest and magnificent ottoman sultan Suleiman and 1st most powerful woman of sultanate hurrem. The role of Suleiman is played by again halit ergeng so we can undoubtedly say that it would be a great drama.

best Turkish dram #3

Next, we have its sequel muhtesim yunzil kosem also called Magnificient century kosem. The drama has 2 seasons and both are amazing. In 1st season kosem’s role is played by beren saat. A really talented and famous actress so about that drama also you can be sure that it is really fantastic, 1st season is about the love story of sultan ahmed and kosem sultan while 2nd season is about the story of a mother and her sons. 2nd season shows the story of sultan murad. His conquest of Baghdad and fights with janissaries and his mother. I recommend you strongly to watch both of them. They both are really good and have painful and enthusiastic stories with a lot of romance, suspense, and action.

best turkish series # 4 ishq-e-mamnoon

turkish drama # 4

next in the list, I have ranked Ishq-e-mamnoon also called forbidden love at number 4 the best Turkish series. This Turkish drama was also a super hit and was really appreciated by the public. If you haven’t watched it yet, So I recommend you start watching it now. It’s all episodes are easily available on YouTube with English subtitles. In the main cast of this drama are beren saat, kivanc tatlitu, and hazal kaya. All 3 of them are really famous because of their work and are top-ranked Turkish actors.

The drama has 79 episodes and its storyline is like that a young girl bihter for sake of fame and money marries an old man Mr. Adnan. But after marriage, she falls in love with her husband’s young nephew behlul who also had a crush on her since he saw her. Behlul although was married to Mr. Adnan’s daughter Nihal whose role is played by hazal kaya and bihter to Mr. Adnan were having a secret affair and cheating on their soulmates.

series # 5 fatmagul

best turkish series # 5

the Turkish drama that I have ranked at number 5 of the best Turkish series is again acted by Beren Saat. The drama has gone superhit all around the world. YES, I am talking about fatmagul a drama that won millions of people’s hearts this drama has featured top actors of turkey

Turkish drama # 5

its story is like that fatmagul is a story based on the novel. The series revolves around Fatmagul acted by (Beren) and Kerim acted by (Engin) who are the lead characters. fatmagul who is a small-town girl is raped one night by 3 guys under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Kerim who is friends with Erdogan, Selim, and Vurl is also present during this incident. Kerim has not taken any part in this but is feeling remorse as he was present during the incident.

Later on, the lawyer, and parents of rich guys pressurize Fatmagul to marry Kerim by bribing her sister in law Fatmagul has finance Mustafa who is after revenge on Fatmagul and Kerim. This makes the couple leave their hometown and come to Istanbul. The story revolves further when Kerim falls in love with Fatmagul and supports her in the fight against her if you want to watch this amazing story it’s all episodes are available easily on youtube with English subtitles and if you ask my suggestion about it I would definitely suggest you watch this drama as it is based not on some fictional or out of the world story

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